Here are some great options for solar panels for your off-grid setup, or if you're just trying to be kinder to the earth.
The more solar panels you purchase and connect, the faster you will charge your batteries and power your system:

These are some different batteries that we believe are good options to store the charge from your solar panels.
We recommend 12V and at least 100ah batteries deep cycle or hybrid gel.
The more batteries you purchase and connect, the longer your power without sun.
Keep in mind that it is recommended to go with the same kind of batteries for whatever you decide to go with:

These are some charge controllers (you only need one good charge controller) and accessories we recommend for connecting multiple solar panels and batteries:

These are some power inverters we recommend for your setup to go with your solar panel power grid.
First, tally up the approximate wattage you would require for your solar power grid system.
For example, look at the watts your computer, monitor, printer, fridge (continue scrolling for a great low-watt fridge we love), television, heater, A/C, microwave or anything else you might want to be able to power on from the sun.
A 1200 BTU air conditioning unit typically takes about 1200 watts to power on,
even with low watt settings and eco modes, which require less watts to continue running.
You only need one inverter:

These are some great portable power stations that can be used with a portable solar panel such as one of the flexible
solar panel models shared above for when you need power on the go!
You only *need* one of these but more than one doesn't hurt, it only adds to your power station:

These are some great generators for use when there is no sun to power your needs (you only *need* one of these but more than one doesn't hurt, it only adds to your power station and gives you backup / good in case of emergency):

These are some excellent appliances and options that work for us off grid and are great for your cooking needs, and cleaning needs, and especially for your heating and cooling needs because they are lower wattage than most standard units.
Keep an eye out for sales:

These are some great lighting options so you're not completely in the dark:

Some miscellaneous goods - some are fifth-wheel specific goods - that are great for living off grid, traveling, and camping,
and in the event of an emergency:

Some more great options to consider adding to your off grid home setup:

Security additions to your off grid setup:

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